Hiring Pete Ashton

Pete Ashton

I am a freelancer, working predominantly in the culture industries in Birmingham, UK.

I spread my attention over three main areas:

1) My artistic practice, documented at great length at art-pete.com.
2) Photo School, the business umbrella for my photography teaching and photo walks.
3) Other income generation, such as training and photography, which I gather on this site under the ASH-10 banner.

Ideally these areas all inform each other. My art keeps me thinking ahead of the curve, my teaching forces me to understand things clearly, and the paying jobs keeps things viable while offering useful contacts. (Sometimes a paying job involves me making and teaching my art!) Each is of equal importance and I am lucky that I enjoy them all.

This website attempts to give a coherent snapshot of the sort of things I can do for you.

I have broken it down into these key areas.

Commercial Photography
I specialise in ambient documentary photography and pride myself on not getting in the way while capturing moments others might miss. I combine an artists eye with an understand of your commercial needs. Browse some of my commercial photography work.

Digital Literacy Training
I made my reputation in 2009-10 bringing clarity to the then new Social Media tools for the layperson and small businesses. With social media now mainstream, needs have shifted to broader Digital Literacy and I now teach digital skills empower people to use the Internet in an intelligent and aware way. More about Digital Literacy.

Photography Workshops
Through Photo School I have been developing a range of photography workshops that can be adapted to your organisation or institution. These take a theme or objective and use the medium of photography to explore and understand it as a group. (More info on bespoke photography workshops to come.)

If you would like to talk to me about any of these, or even something completely different that you think my approach would be good for, please do get in touch.

07775 690 106